viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

cigar lounge

 te pillé fumando!
esto no es ninguna oda al tabaco, ni mucho menos, pero que puntazo tienen todos, los que están y los que se fueron.
 Va por los últimos!

Samuel Beckett

Jean Cocteau

Bertolt Brecht

Albert Camus

Ricki Mandeville

Smoke From A Decent Cigar

I crave a whiff of it,
a glimpse of its swirling columns
that marble a room with false dusk,
soften its corners
through pungent haze.

It beckons me with narrow hands
and hangs initials in the air—O’s and L’s and languid S’s
that rise and sway in mystic fonts. 
Perhaps some childhood memory awakes:
great banks of smoke that roll like fog
from a study where men puff Carillos
and speak of stocks and sports,
deep voices braided into a soothing chant,
my eyes on fire as I spy on them
from the bottom stair.

Each time I hang your jacket
behind my door and a ghost of smoke
caught in its sleeve slips past my face—
faint trace of how you spent the hour before—

I feel a naked ache across my nape,
conjure a nicotine-laced kiss placed there:
Grandfather’s lips, their slight tobacco taint,
his coat of worsted wool, a fine cigar
tucked in the pocket of his shirt,
his hands that smelled of pine tar soap,
ruffling my hair.

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  1. Me encanta ! Perfecto report y perfecto enfoque ! Más aún en estos tiempos de restricción !!!! Gracias Noemi !

  2. Grácias a los 2!

    Nana que exquisitez de blog tienes!

    Alejandro, auguro éxito en tu proyectazo!!!

  3. Hola amor!! Muchas gracias por tu ultimo comentario en mi blog.
    Tu post me ha encantado! el look es total!! hay fotones realmente buenas!!
    Un beso enorme; Claire.

  4. No esta prohibido fumar en la Blogosfera ?ja ja ja ja

    Cuidadin con el estado y sus restricciones!

    Besos Chipless by Dave Vuitton